2024.01.25-29. We have a slot of the Angoulême International Comics Festival

2024.01.25-29. We have a slot of the Angoulême International Comics Festival

Title: WOMEN’S MANGA: Toward an Expanded Field Crossing Boundaries

Date and Time: Saturday 27 of January, 5:45pm-7pm
Place: at the Alpha (the main venue for all manga conferences)

About Us:
We are “Women’s Research MANGA Project (WMRP)” since 2009.
Our research into Manga culture will demonstrate the way in which women’s Manga has both inspired women and given rise to many new writers and readers. We have termed this field of study the “Research in Women’s Manga Project”

Panel Abstract:
In the 21st century, the concept of manga has experienced dynamic change in terms of nationality and gender. Before 2000, “manga” was surely Japanese, linguistically. At present, manga is no longer limited to Japan, and rather represents a well-known comics style inspiring various types of international collaboration beyond Japan. In addition, Japanese manga, which had already established a market specifically for women readers, has inspired the participation of new voices who were previously marginalized in the male-dominated Western comics world. National boundaries look somewhat expungable in this case. In terms of manga, some artists work together beyond Japan, are creating expression crossing boundaries. Here, their own “life writing” (Elizabeth El Refaire 2012), often based on their experiences from their own perspectives beyond Japan, present manga as a global media from the start.

What we do: This panel, presented by five panelists, two artists and three scholars, will consider such global diversity of manga culture in relation to the increase of women participants all over the world. We’ll consider how the acceptance of manga has expanded beyond Japan and examines how artists globally use manga as a special form to go not only beyond Japan, but also establish a global culture characterized by independent, free expression.

Abby Denson (comics artist, US)
Matt Loux (comics artist, US)
Jessica Bauwens Sugimoto (comics scholar (Associate Professor of Ryukoku U in Japan)
Kazumi Nagaike (scholar on BL (Professor of Oita U in Japan)
Fusami Ogi (scholar on shōjo manga (Professor of Chikushi Jogakuen U in Japan)